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Cabinet Replacement Options

These are just a sample of some of the most popular cabinet styles we offer. Schedule your free estimate today to browse our entire line. From traditional to modern, we have you covered. 


What materials are your kitchen cabinets mode of?

Our white kitchen cabinets are top sellers and for good reason! There are numerous variations of white cabinets available – each constructed in its own distinctive style. All of them have soft-closing doors and are made with plywood. It is good to note that some of our white cabinets are made with all-wood doors, while others are made with MDF (medium-density fiberwood) and others HDF (a more durable alternative to MDF).
Most, but not all, have solid wood dovetail drawers. We carry a modern slab option which uses metal European drawer boxes. So, you have options!

What is MDF and is it any good?

Honestly, it depends on how you use it. MDF is an amazing material for cabinet doors. However, for cabinet boxes that sit on the floor – you would be in for some disaster.
MD has a reputation for absorbing water and expanding like a sponge. Along with being flawlessly flat and smooth, it is renowned for being incredibly stable, less prone to expansion and contraction, and excellent at taking paint. These reasons are why MDF is an ideal material for cabinet doors.
Some of our white cabinet options have MDF center panels as doors or HDF (high density fiberwood).

How do your cabinets compare to the big box stores?

Most cabinets found in big-box stores are produced in the US. The finishes on many of these are of inferior grade and frequently quite thin and imperfectly smooth. Not to brag – but all of our white kitchen cabinets sport impeccable finishes. We make sure of that!

For the most part, ours and theirs will have plywood boxes, soft-close hardware, wooden doors, and drawers. That has essentially become a set standard for the industry. Yet, only the most expensive cabinet lines offered by box stores can compete with the quality of our door and drawer fronts and finish. In addition, ours will cost you 25–50% less. You simply can’t lose!

What kind of finish do you use on your cabinets?

Conversion Varnish. Most of our white options have this catalyzed finish that is known to be the best option for cabinets.
Conversion Varnish is a fast-drying, chemically cured finish that is divided into two components: the finish and an acid catalyst that is added right before spraying. The catalyst creates a chemical reaction (cross-linking) in conjunction with added heat-curing that creates the hardest, most durable finish available on the market.
This is in contrast to our finish work that we use for refinishing jobs where conversion varnish is not safe to spray in a client's home. In these instances, we use 2 component water-based polyurethanes, which are equally durable but most costly. 

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