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Our Team

Burnette Fine Finishes is owned and operated by Jacob and Hillary Burnette. We specialize in applying industrial quality finishes on cabinets, doors, and furniture. We studied the work of master finishers across the United States for years and instituted a fail proof process that mandates a relentless attention to quality and is rooted in both art and science. You can trust us with your refinishing and painting renovations. 

Our Process

The process for applying fine finishes is extremely important. If any step is missed, it can cause a complete breakdown of the final product, resulting in severe peeling or flaking. We have our process down to a science and your investment will be backed by a 1 year quality guarantee. 

Teardown, Prep, Sanding, and Masking

Day 1

We will label, remove, and transport the doors and drawers back to the workshop for cleaning and sanding.  The floor, counter top, and appliances will all be masked for protection. The cabinet boxes will be thoroughly cleaned with a degreaser, rinsed and sanded.  All the boxes will be masked and ready to be sprayed.


Day 2

We will secure the kitchen area and set up a spray booth.  We do our best to be as non-invasive as possible.  We use a ventilation system to speed up dry time and reduce dust and smells. The cabinet boxes will be primed, sanded, and coated. If you're sensitive to smells, you may want to be out of the home in the morning.  Once the boxes are finished, we will tear down and your kitchen will be fully usable and you will just be awaiting the doors. 

Doors and Drawers

Day 3

The doors and drawers will be prepped, scuff sanded, primed, sanded, and coated in our workshop. If the substrate is open grain, we will apply three coats of primer to prevent bleed and fill the pores in the grain, sanding in between each coat.  If the substrate is closed grain, one coat of primer will be applied and sanded.  With pre-painted doors, we will do an adhesion test to see the condition of the current paint and determine what steps we need to take to get our customers the best results.


Day 4

We will carefully package up all the doors in foam pouches and transport to the customer's home. We will unload all the doors and drawers, install, touch-up and make sure all the doors and drawers are level and to the customers satisfaction before the job is complete. 

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