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Kitchen Cabinet

Customer Prep and What to Expect

Prepping for Your Refinishing Job

We're so excited to bring your refinishing vision to life! Your home is of great value and importance to us, so assisting in the preparation is greatly appreciated. By following these guidelines, it will enable us to do the job efficiently and produce the best results that will last.



  1. CABINETS/FURNITURE: Remove everything from the counters and off the top of the upper cabinets and move it to a safe place. For furniture, remove everything from all drawers and wipe down with a damp rag. Do not use Pledge or similar products! You can leave the things inside your cabinets and drawers, however please be sure the items are pushed back from the ledge that will be painted. If there is anything of value, please remove it/them prior to our arrival. If a cabinet is so full that things cannot be pushed back, please remove some of the items.

  2. FLOORS: Please sweep the floors with a vacuum or wet/dry vac. Wet mop your floor. Get a cloth and make sure to get any hair or dirt that may be up under the cabinets and along the toe kick area. We want to avoid any dirt, dust, hair, etc. from being kicked up and settle in the paint.

  3. SINK AREA: The sink area will be used for general clean-up, so please make sure the kitchen sink is clear of dishes on our designated working days. If you have a slop sink that we will have access to, we will do our heavy cleaning in there. We do our best to care for your home as we work, and we’ve found it is always best to have the sink accessible as we work.

  4. APPLIANCES: If you wish for hidden end panels around appliances to be painted, please have the appliances removed to enable us to paint in those areas. Any appliances left in place will be taped, protected, and painted around.

  5. PETS: Be sure to place animals in an area that is blocked off so they cannot get into the working area from the day we start the kitchen through a few days after we install the kitchen. If you have cats that can jump over the barricades, please make sure to arrange a different area for them to stay while your renovation is taking place. Pet hair can travel through the air and settle in the paint. In our experience we’ve found that even when the paint is not fresh, the hairs can imbed in the paint and it is very difficult to get out without leaving any marks.

  6. DURING THE RENOVATION: Once the boxes/facing of your kitchen is cleaned, we ask that you refrain from heavy cooking during the renovation due to oils, smoke, and dirt that could contaminate your cabinets and act as a resist for the primer and paint. If something were to get on the cabinets, it could result in a delay in completion of the kitchen due to extra cleaning and drying time, and could add additional cost to your estimate. Clean the area if something is to get on the cabinets, but please let us know so we can take the necessary steps for the primer and/or paint to properly adhere.

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