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What are the Benefits of Using an Industrial 2k Polyurethane vs Other Popular Coatings

Industrial two-component water-based polyurethane coatings offer several advantages over conversion varnish, lacquer, and latex paints.


Two-component water-based polyurethane coatings are made by mixing a resin with a hardener, causing a chemical reaction that bonds the two components together to produce a paint film. This results in a coating that is superior in several ways:


  • Chemical Resistance: These coatings are highly resistant to a variety of chemicals, making them suitable for environments where they may encounter corrosive substances.

  • Fade Resistance: They are less likely to fade over time, maintaining their original color and gloss for longer.

  • Abrasion Resistance: They are tough and can withstand physical wear and tear, making them ideal for high-traffic areas.

  • Reduced VOCs: Water-based polyurethanes have reduced Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) compared to solvent-borne counterparts.

  • User-friendly: They are typically lower in toxins, particularly NMP-free polyurethane dispersions (PUDs), making them safer to use.

  • Effective Crosslinking: Water-based polyurethanes can use very effective crosslinking chemistry that is not possible in solution polymers.


On the other hand, conversion varnish is a high-quality two-part post-catalyzed application procedure. It consists of an alkyd resin and a curing agent. While it is more durable than lacquer, it is more difficult to restore. It also requires a minimum temperature of 60F to begin the cross-linking process.


Lacquer is a single-element finish with no hardener mixed in and lower solid content. It is softer, more susceptible to damage, and requires additional applications. It is also significantly less resistant to heat, solvents, acids, and alkalis than conversion varnish.


Latex paints, while popular for their ease of use and clean-up, do not offer the same level of durability, chemical resistance, or finish quality as two-component water-based polyurethane coatings.

In conclusion, while each type of coating has its uses and benefits, industrial two-component water-based polyurethane coatings offer superior chemical, fade, and abrasion resistance, making them an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. They are also more environmentally friendly and user-friendly, making them a preferred choice for many industries.

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